Online Business Management For Greater Success & Impact

Support For Purpose-Driven Businesses 

You want to GROW your business, create more FREEDOM, and have a bigger IMPACT in our world.

But to make that happen, something needs to shift in your business.

Dear Visionary ~ Meet Integrator 

Dear Visionary ~
Meet Integrator 

To Make An Income
While Making An Impact

Goal: To Make An Income While Making An Impact

I partner with purpose-driven, positive impact business owners who are ready to expand and grow by letting go.

I’ve seen how difficult it is for visionary CEOs to be in that high-level space they love, while remaining immersed and overwhelmed by the daily running of their business.

I help small, established visionary business owners like you, get out from under the weight of their business and back to their space of genius; being the high-level visionary they are.

Imagine the freedom to do the work you really want to do without all the stress!

I am an earth loving, (organic, fair trade) coffee drinking, tech nerd, life learner, strategist & problem-solver. (phew... too many descriptors? Ha!)

I am the integrator to your visionary!

As an integrator, my magic is in taking my client's vision, connecting and implementing all the pieces required to bring it to life --> tech, team, planning and processes.

My Mission

Helping Purpose-Driven Business Owners Help the Planet

My mission is to partner with visionary earth-shakers to empower them with the capacity to create the influence they know is possible. I serve and support their positive impact vision by providing high-level strategy, foundational structures & team management.

In other words, a kick-ass, get those ideas into action, partner!

My goal is to make it possible for conscious CEOs to expand their vision and move their mission forward sustainably and with ease.

What you'll get working with me:


Team Management

Project & Launch Management

Metrics Monitoring

Recruiting & Vetting

Client Management


Systems Development: Foundational Tools, Processes & Procedures.
Standard Operating Procedures


Customer Experience Strategy
Customer Journey
Solution Strategy & Planning
Weekly Strategy &
Sound Board Sessions

Your business, proficient & smooth-running, allowing your tech & team to work to your advantage.

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • You have exhausted your energy creating success but feel like you have hit a plateau you can't seem to grow beyond.
  • You appreciate your team, but by the time you explain & provide "all the things" you could have done it yourself. Then there's the "fires" that constantly interrupt your focus & productivity.
  • There's so much going on in your business that you're unsure of what is & isn't getting done. You constantly double check everything & yet, important things still get missed. 
  • You're bursting with ideas to grow & expand your business & impact, but you're already working so many hours. And where would you even start?
  • Just thinking about your next launch makes you instantly feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.

Management For A Better Tomorrow!

Unwavering Support, Foundational Systems & Creative Strategy

How I Roll:

Ethical Marketing
I believe in empowering you to make an informed, conscious choice. I trust you to know what is best for you and your business. This means I don't need to manipulate you into working with me. I believe in cultivating relationships and through that relationship, navigate what is best for all.

Let's cut the shit - it's time for authentic, transparent marketing!

Your Right-Hand Woman

You are unique.
So is your business. I work with you to create solutions and systems that will work for YOUR life and YOUR business.  
You provide the visionary ideas, we strategize, I bring it to life by breaking down all the pieces, followed by managing and connecting those pieces to the right processes, tech and people. In other words...
Turning ideas into action!
The best part is, you no longer need to figure it all out alone.

Customer Centric Focused

I value excellent customer service. I'm one of those people who will pay extra for a product or service that goes beyond "standard industry" service.
I feel like good customer service is a lost art. Do you agree?
I enjoy working with my clients to create an exceptional customer experience. I have an eye for finding the gaps in the customer journey and offer creative solutions. My clients genuinely care about providing an exceptional customer experience and delivering on their promises.

If I have learned anything on my path to becoming a better earth dweller, it's that we need each other. 

"Alone we can do so little. Together, we can do so much."

"Alone we can do so little.
Together, we can do so much."

-Helen Keller

I am a down to earth, tech-savvy woman with a burning passion to make the world a bit better.

The Reviews

Delegating to Tina enabled us to focus our efforts on other parts of our business. We appreciate the way she intuitively grasped the energy, mission and heart of our company. Tina possesses the problem-solving skills and initiative to fix issues with creativity and efficiency.  Tina really shines when it comes to the customer experience. Empathy and compassion comes naturally for Tina which was well received by all our customers, influencers, team and ambassadors. Being so organized, she maintained relationships with all our leads and grew our list substantially. Excellent experience working with Tina.

Margux Khoury

Vegan Business Rebellion

Tina worked wonders on our website and it looks beautiful!! Thank you to Tina for taking the time to listen to our needs and intuitively design the perfect site to reflect how we feel about what we do at Inner Vision Yoga. You breathed new life into our online presence. It feels good to be able to trust and know that our vision is in good hands. Much Love and Gratitude from all of Us

Laurea Palmantier

Inner Vision Yoga

As our online business manager, I've benefited from Tina's attention to detail, work ethic, and willingness to go above and beyond to complete projects and find solutions. 
Tina has a mind for the bigger picture, seeing processes in straightforward steps and creating comprehensive SOPs that are near effortless to follow.
Her ability to communicate company and client needs makes everyone’s job easier.
As a colleague, Tina is incredibly generous with her time and know-how, which includes the unique experience of remote administration to an expert-level knowledge of project applications necessary for online team management.
Beyond that, as a co-worker she is a pleasure to work with and approaches each task with a positive attitude.

Sofia Whitehead

Virtual Assistant

What if Letting Go Were the Secret to Your Next Level of Success?

It all starts with one conversation.

We'll talk about your business, current struggles, and where you'd really like to be.
I’ll ask the important questions to get to the heart of what's holding you back from creating the success and impact you dream of.

If we are not a good fit or you require different support from what I offer, I will let you know upfront. Whether or not we work together, you will gain massive clarity and value from this call!

Book your complimentary 45-minute Discovery Call.

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