Business Alignment Coach & Consultant for

Women Unfolding

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Support for Women Unfolding into authenticity, alignment and ease within their business.

"Alignment is when our thoughts, choices, and direction all honor our core values. Alignment is when we listen to our intuition and move through the world embodying our true selves.
Alignment is function and action with ease."

~Elizabeth Dhokia

Who Am I?

A Woman Unfolding
Space Holder, Guide, Unwavering Support, Uncomplicated Strategy 

I am an earth loving, (organic, fair trade) coffee drinking, challenging social norms, life-learner, space holder, strategist, problem-solver & guide, who is continuously unfolding into my powerful, aligned, authentic self
(phew... too many descriptors? Ha!).

I am a firm believer that Less is More!

I work with women to provide invaluable clarity and uncomplicated strategy to move their business forward with more alignment, ease, freedom and success (whatever that looks like for you).

Is it time to shift?

You've probably felt it coming for awhile now, but you're not sure how or exactly what needs to shift. 

You may feel stuck and overwhelmed, unsure of how to keep the momentum of your business going without allowing it to continue to overtake your entire life. 

Perhaps you need strategy around the foundations of your business to ensure they are solid enough to handle more growth and to also get you out of so much doing.


Tina has been a confidant, someone I can bounce ideas off of, and someone who I know is guarding the success of my business in her hands.
She is trustworthy and committed to your success and that is hard to find in contractors, believe me I have been through quite a few.

~ Sonya Stattmann ~

Imagine ...

Having the capacity to focus your energy on manifesting & birthing your visionary ideas!

Having the support you need to transition and align your business with your authentic self.

Having the space to do the things that ignite your soul, allowing you to create more of the impact you know you're capable of, and fully  embody and lead your vision!

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • You have exhausted your energy creating success but feel like you have hit a plateau you can't seem to grow beyond.
  • You appreciate your team, but by the time you explain & provide "all the things" you could have done it yourself. Then there's the "fires" that constantly interrupt your focus & productivity.
  • You're bursting with ideas to grow & expand your business & impact, but how do you know which ones to pursue first? And can your business handle more growth right now?
  • You’ve tried hiring “experts” to help you gain clarity on how to get your business into alignment and ease but you found yourself disappointed and more confused.

As a Women Unfolding, I understand what you are navigating.
I understand the challenges of shifting and transitioning your business into alignment.

How I Roll:

I believe in empowering you to make an informed, conscious choice.

I trust you to know what is best for you and your business. This means I don’t need to manipulate you into working with me.
I love supporting women who are dedicated to doing business differently.
My passion is in serving women who step into this space, empowered as their badass, passionate, authentic selves to build flourishing, ALIGNED, impactful businesses.

You are unique.
So is your business.

Together we will explore solutions and systems that will work for YOUR life and YOUR business.  

If you want to shift to have more alignment, need clarity and/or uncomplicated strategy, book a coffee chat below!

It all starts with one conversation.

We'll talk about your business, current struggles, and where you'd really like to be.
I'll ask the important questions to get to the heart of what's holding you back from creating the success, alignment and impact you dream of.

If we are not a good fit or you require different support from what I offer, I will let you know upfront. Whether or not we work together, you will gain massive clarity and value from this call!

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