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About Me

As a person who thrives “behind the scenes”, I admit I found it a little challenging to write this about me page.

But I do know how important it is… because, who am I kidding, it's one of the first places I explore before I consider working with anyone.

No pressure… ha! 

So what can I tell you… Well, let's start off with a few fun tidbits:

  • On days I take for myself, you will find me in the forest with a coffee in hand and my heavy wool blanket that was passed down to me from my grandmother. The forest is my sanctuary to just BE. <3
  • I prefer chickens over dogs. (Seriously - their personalities are so fun!)
  • I am a homeschool mom to 6 kick ass kids! If you work with me, you may be privy to their occasional appearance. It's life and I love it!
  • If you were to visit my kitchen, you would see many “science” experiments including different ferments, sourdough starters, and even cheese made from scratch! Weird but cool, right!?
  • Coffee and chocolate? Always!

What I'm About...

Helping People Help The Planet

Helping People
Help The Planet

For years I wished I had the gifting of a visionary to create some life altering product or service. One that would shift the world towards a greener future. Or perhaps help free people from the patriarchal system that keeps them small and stuck. It wasn’t until I embraced my innate strengths as an integrator, that I understood how I could contribute to creating these changes and impact our world.

As an integrator, I stand in this beautiful space where I can visualize my client’s ideas and dreams, and facilitate “all the things” to bring them to life.

What does this mean for you?

I’ve worked with enough visionaries to know it's a struggle for you to be absorbed in the day-to-day operations of your business.

Doing so hinders the creative high-level ideas that come naturally to you.

Up to this point, you have hunkered down and got shit done - your vision an unstoppable force.

While this has brought you amazing success, you know you've got to shift and get out of the "daily grind" of your business.

You recognize you can’t continue to do it all on your own AND achieve the impact and growth in your business that you know is possible. 

You still have MORE to accomplish, MORE ideas to make a reality. 

But to do that, you need a partner who can help you strategize, organize, and execute your vision with clarity, alignment and consistency, while you focus on what you do best - bring in those big ideas, nurture your vision for impact and sell.

This is where I come in! 

Ready to get started?


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