Strategic Action & Alignment Mapping

Strategic Action and Alignment Mapping is a proven proprietary process that provides you with
immense  Clarity, Direction and a  Plan.

 I take the time to understand your business, your goals and your struggles. We will deep-dive into the bigger picture and take a hard look at the blocks that are keeping you from creating an aligned business you love.

At the end of our time together, we will have a  holistic  view of where you are and where you want to be.
I will provide you with an in-depth, actionable plan to move forward towards more alignment, clarity and freedom.

Who is this for? 

Whether you’ve been in business for a year or 30 years, this process is perfect for small business owners like you who are doing “all the things” to achieve your big ideas, but still feel like the business isn’t *actually* moving towards your goals.

Together, we will create a custom plan of action that will serve 
YOU and YOUR business. With your vision & values at the forefront, we will align and craft a plan you will love AND believe in. It will feel great from start to finish!

This is truly a  Game Changer!

What we will cover:

Here's an overview of some of the things we will cover during our 2-3, 90 minute Strategic Action & Alignment Mapping sessions...

Deep Dive

We will do an intense, deep dive into your business. This is a powerful, profound process designed to bring you into immense clarity, alignment and provide actionable steps to move forward.

Mission, Vision & Values

This is the foundation from which all else grows and builds. Even if you already have these in place, we will revisit them to ensure they are still in alignment with your intention and direction.

Key Objectives

We will determine your 7 Pillars of Key Objectives. Every business needs these - from corporate to small biz. We will rank these to provide clarity of your top priorities, ensuring you know the best course of action for success.

Clarity For Moving Forward

From the Key objectives, we will Clarify which of your upcoming projects are the best ones to pursue for the most JOY and ROI - We’ll break down those projects into actionable steps so you know exactly what to do to bring them to life.

Bonus: #1 - Client Avatar Worksheet

As a bonus I have included a Client Avatar worksheet to help you get very clear on who you serve. Again, if you have already created your client avatar, this is a great time to reevaluate and make any necessary adjustments for your current direction.

Bonus: #2 - Continued Support

I want you to succeed in implementing your plan to its fullest potential! For this reason, I offer 30 days of continued support via email as you begin to implement your plan.

What You’ll Do Before our Calls

Once we have all the logistics out of the way, the fun begins!
I will provide you with a mission, vision & values worksheet that will help you clarify your "why".
The completion of this worksheet is required before our first session. This is a foundational piece to building an aligned, successful business & will heavily influence your direction and decisions.

As a bonus I will also include my Client Avatar Worksheet. It is not required, but I do highly recommended at least revisiting this area.

What Happens During our Calls

During our 2-3, 90 minute sessions, we will cover an immense amount of information. I will ask you many questions in order to get a good understanding of where your business is & where you want it to go.
We will deep dive into each of the essential 7 pillars:
1. Financial Steadiness
2. Visibility
3. Product | Service Creation
4. Operational Efficiencies
5. Scaling | Team Growth
6. Customer | Client Experience
7. Professional Growth + Development

All details & your custom plan will be provided to you on the free, but powerful, intuitive Trello platform.

** Sessions will be recorded for your convenience & continued viewing.

What Changes After the Calls

After our calls, you will have immense clarity. Imagine having all projects & visionary ideas organized & accessible!
Direction! You will know which projects you need to pursue and when, enabling you to get your business to where you want it.

An Action Plan you can implement immediately containing straightforward tasks for yourself & your team!

And all readily available to you on your detailed plan within Trello, including all your document links, our recorded calls, additional resources, etc.
I also provide 30 days of support via email for questions that may come up as you implement your plan.


Strategic Action & Alignment Mapping: $800 USD


I love taking visionaries on a deep-dive journey into discovering how to better align and accelerate their success & impact.

Working with me through the Strategic Action & Alignment Mapping requires you being all in!
This process is building a plan for YOU and YOUR business. It requires honesty and a little vulnerability, paired with a willingness to take a hard look at what is and isn't working.
We will make new discoveries, connect ideas to action, gain valuable insights, remember the fun business can be and leave you feeling lighter than you have in a long time!

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