Women Unfolding

With Tina DeValk

Women Unfolding

With Tina DeValk

This process is a  powerful, potent fusion of spiritual, ancient and modern sciences, infused with embodied wisdom, and practical, real-world self-empowerment strategies.

This is not about hacking your mindset to do more, be more and have more.
This work is about guiding you to reclaim the essence and wisdom of your true, authentic self.
This transformative time will uncover YOUR truth that is essential for this moment in time, leading to profound breakthroughs, and reclaiming your connection to SELF and Source.


Reclaim your Self

Quantum Self Alignment

Somatic Mentoring/Coaching for women who are ready to take back their Self!

Your embodied innate self is your true source of power!
This life-changing process guides you to what you want by first reconnecting you to your authentic Self, because nothing in all of existence is more powerful than the real YOU.
If you are sick of being stuck and ready to do the deep work to live a more empowered, authentic life, this is for you! This work will change the way you experience yourself and your life.

Holistically realign your Self and Business

Quantum Business Alignment

For women in business who want to change the world as their Authentic Self!

Body-Led Strategy. My program integrates a decade of experience strategically working with online businesses and combines it with Human Design and Somatic practices.
This powerful, holistic process will give you massive clarity, set your vision and intentions, heal what is blocking you, eliminate fear-based obstacles, shift with ease and grace, and implement uncomplicated strategies custom tailored to your unique Self and Business.

No one and nothing can free you but your own understanding.
~ Ajahn Chah

Not sure if my coaching is right for you?

Space Holder, Guide, Unwavering Support, Uncomplicated Strategy

Certifications & Qualifications:
Director of Operations (DOO)
Online Business Management (OBM)
Somatic (Mind-Body) Coach
Human Design (HD) Informed
Personal Development Lifer

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You have nothing to lose. Everything to gain!
Even if we are not a good fit, you will get massive value from our call.


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